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Memorials/Donations Week of June 11, 2021

Donation made in memory of Chester Kinney given by Todd, Louise and Bernice Moore.

Donation made in memory of Nita Hanse given by Don Hanse.

Dogwinks by Squire Rushnell. The Hummingbird Handbook by John Shewey.  

In memory of Rick Wharton given by Barnesville Library Board and Staff.

1,001 Gardening Tips & Tricks by Mary Rose Quigg. The Best Of America’s Test Kitchen.

In memory of Richard Wharton given by Karen and Mitch Scheeser.

Dad, How Do I? by Rob Kenney. In memory of Rick Wharton

given by Fred, Nancy, Brent, Todd, Donna and Family.

Memorials/Donations Week of June 4, 2021

What It Means To Be A Nurse. In memory of Irene Monte de Ramos

given by Melinda Bailes.

Taste Of Home Farmhouse Favorites. Flowers.

In memory of Nellie Irene Monte de Ramos given by Friends and Neighbors of West Main.

Donation made in honor of Twila Fisher given by Junior Women’s Club of Barnesville.

Memorials/Donations Week of June 14, 2019

The Proven Winners Garden Book: Simple Plans, Picture Perfect Plants, And Expert Advice For Creating A Gorgeous Garden by Ruth Rogers Clausen. In memory of Gladys P. Hager given by Barnesville Chapter 206 OES.
Gardentopia by Jan Johnsen. In memory of Darlene (Toohey) Mulpas given by B.H.S. Class of 1973.

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